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Naval Simulators

Naval Simulators

imgForecastle Seamanship Training Aid Simulator in build at SPIIND
Build of the Inshore Patrol Vessel (IPV) Training Aids Simulator as designed by SPIIND, under way at SPIIND's workshop.
imgRoyal New Zealand Navy visit to SPIIND
Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral Jack Steer & members of the Royal New Zealand Navy visiting SPIIND during build of the Forecastle Simulator
imgMidships Refueling at Sea Simulator Installation at Devonport Naval Base
Refueling at Sea (RAS) Simulator module being installed at the Devonport Naval Base's new training facility
imgForecastle installation and marry up with RAS Midships Simulator
Forecastle Simulator module installation and connection to RAS Midships Simulator Module
imgForecastle & RAS Midships Naval Simulator modules installation
The first two modules installed on site at Devonport Naval Base by SPIIND in their new purpose built Seamanship Training Aids building
imgRefueling at Sea (RAS) Tower
Final programming of control system Variable Speed Drives (VSD's) in progress prior to final commissioning
imgCompleted Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) Stern or Quarterdeck Module
The Stern Section comprises all the key operational attributes of an OPV. Stern comprises below deck storage housing Variable Speed Drives for the working Warping Drum, Fairleads and Bollards, Awning which can be dismantled/erected, Towing Eye, Below Deck Hatch and all other deck mounted obstacles.
imgCompleted Inshore Patrol Vessel (IPV) Forecastle Module
General view of completed facility showing Forecastle, Refueling at Sea Tower with Refueling Probe Training in progress, Midships RAS Station and Working at Heights Training Tower.
imgWorking at Heights Tower
Working at Heights Tower designed and constructed by SPIIND to accomodate a number of specific work activites undertaken by Naval staff at height on board ship.

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